Our Mission

Our mission remains simple.  We want a central place where those that love to conserve wildlife habitat can find their dream property. By enhancing wildlife habitat, yet retaining ranchlands’ heritage, FishingProperties.com provides recreational properties and lifestyle opportunities for conservation-minded individuals, ultimately encouraging the preservation of the West’s legendary landscapes.

FishingProperties.com creates an environment for those who believe living is more than simply existing.  By acquiring agricultural and scenic properties, restoring trophy fish, bird, and big game habitat, we transform raw land into premier recreational real estate.

Priorities are changing as people crave open spaces and living life to the fullest.  We believe this is a positive trend, both for land conservation as well as for families.  Our goal is to restore life in many ways—by enabling native species to flourish, but also by revitalizing people by inspiring them to participate in the natural world.

With our one-of-a-kind niche, we’ll show you how a vibrant recreational property is more than a unique experience; it’s also a fulfilling way of life.

It’s no secret that large, privately-owned western lands are quickly disappearing.  And, as development sprawls, prime wildlife habitat often vanishes forever. We are part sportsmen, part preservationists, and lifetime residents of ranching communities. We give you the opportunity to implement effective grazing-management practices, then carefully restore waterways that support wildlife populations.  The result?  Wildlife naturally blossoms alongside livestock, transforming traditional ranches into a sportsman’s dream.

By returning acreage to a more pristine state, yet remaining true to its ranching roots, we take private ownership of recreational real estate to another level. Whether you’re looking for big water or gentle streams, forests, or lush meadows, each of our spectacular properties offers world-renowned angling, hunting, and plenty of frontier soul.

FishingProperties.com is deeply rooted in the past, but our philosophy couldn’t be more in tune with the future.  From thoughtful restoration to connecting with ranching-friendly, conservation-minded buyers, we promote long-term stewardship of valuable resources.  Many properties also qualify for conservation easements, which protect in perpetuity from development.

We’ll show you quiet getaways and thriving wilderness, meandering creeks and breathtaking views.  Most importantly, we’ll help you share experiences with the ones you love!

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